Wild Bean Cafe Plays Fair With Costa Rican Coffee Beans

  • by Bret G. Dudl
  • 20.09.10
  • 9:19 AM UTC

Source: Voxy

The coffee bean faces uncertain prices on the international coffee market, and increased costs mean world coffee production is dropping. However, the popular Kiwi flat white is playing an important role in Costa Rica – and other coffee producing countries – by helping to ensure farmers are paid a fair price for their coffee when it’s purchased through the Fairtrade system.

As New Zealand’s biggest retailer of Fairtrade coffee, Wild Bean Cafe accounts for 29 per cent of New Zealand’s Fairtrade Certified coffee market. Wild Bean Cafe’s Retail Marketing Manager, Raewynne Lory, says the choices we make here have a very real impact on coffee farmers in other countries.

“We use 100 per cent Fairtrade Certified coffee, which means that Wild Bean Cafe customers can enjoy their coffee a bit more, knowing they are helping to do good,” she says.

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