Wellness “Building Block” Habit #1: A Weight Loss Secret Component


Weight loss is on the minds of many people who got caught in the “American Way” of eating fast food, oversized portions, and not exercising. Often, their number one question is: “What is the BEST diet”.

On February 26, published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine was a startling finding: high and low carbohydrate or fat diets all resulted in about 9 pounds of weight loss at two years. The surprising part was that most weight was lost by those attending group educational meetings irregardless of type of diet.

What does this mean to you? It frees you up to decrease your calories almost any way you want, making that part easier. What is more important is that its findings direct you to get into a group to help yourself lose weight. We at La Joya Perfecta will be focused on getting that habit started in a way that will make you enjoy participating in that activity. We look forward to working with you!

Dr. Jim Dudl

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