The World Cup Fever in Costa Rica

  • by Bret G. Dudl
  • 15.06.10
  • 6:42 AM UTC

Source: Live In Costa Rica

Yesterday I was I downtown San José, Costa Rica and it seemed everyone was consumed with soccer. A lot of businesses put TVs in the window so that the people on the street could follow the games. I met a friend for coffee at the Patio Restaurant at the Hotel Balmoral. The place was full of people eating lunch and watching the game. There was also a birthday party going on with a group of Mariachis entertaining playing, so the place was buzzing with activity. The Balmoral faces Avenida Central, the city’s main pedestrian mall, so it is a great place to watch people. You’ll certainly get an eye-full!

For the next month everything comes to a virtual halt when there is a World Cup soccer game. It seems that everyone’s life revolves around the sport. Many business even give their employees a flexible schedule so that they can view games. A lot of cab drivers even have small TVs in the vehicles so that they can follow the cup and radios everywhere are blaring the play-by-play.

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