The Ultimate Costa Rica Honeymoon

  • by Bret G. Dudl
  • 23.11.10
  • 6:55 AM UTC

Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical paradise that is the perfect setting for an unforgettable honeymoon. Rather than staying in one place for your whole trip, you could create an adventure by traveling through some of the most popular Costa Rica destinations. When you rent a car and travel from resort to resort, you will have a unique opportunity to experience the real Costa Rica. The following itinerary is one suggestion for an adventurous Costa Rica Honeymoon. Premiere resorts separated by short, scenic drives will give you an unusual and intimate honeymoon vacation.

Begin in Punta Islita

The best way to get to Punta Islita is to fly in to San Jose and pick up a Sansa flight that will take you directly to Punta Islita. You can book flights through Taca Regional or Nature air . Once you are there, the Hotel Punta Islita is a romantic destination that has accommodations to fit anyone’s honeymoon ideal. The hotel has double rooms, deluxe suites, and even individual villas with ocean views. An on-site spa will help you relax into the slow, comfortable pace of a tropical honeymoon. Once you have refreshed yourself in the spa, you can take a dip in the infinity pool that seems to melt into the horizon from the highest point at the hotel.

Rental Car Excursions

When you are fully relaxed and pampered, you will be ready for a more active adventure. Rental cars in the busy season are difficult to find, so make sure you reserve your car in advance. Once you have your rental car, you can take it south from Punta Islita to Mal Pais, where there is a fantastic resort hotel. Keep your rental car while you enjoy Mal Pais because you will want to enjoy the drive through Puntarenas to Manuel Antonio and Uvita.

Adventures in Mal Pais

In Mal Pais, you will find the perfect hotel for a honeymoon couple. The Flor Blanca contains a series of small villas that are tucked into private jungle hideaways. You can lounge in the custom Costa Rican hand crafted hammock for two and watch the world through the jungle foliage. Flor Blanca offers excellent surfing and nature tours with experienced local guides. You can go fishing, snorkeling, or kayaking if you enjoy water sports. If you like to stay on dry land, there is a special waterfall tour and horseback trail through the jungle. The more adventurous visitors enjoy riding a zip line across the top of the jungle canopy.

Manuel Antonio to Uvita

You can drive to a ferry from Mal Pais that will take you across to Puntarenas, where you can continue your southward exploration toward Manuel Antonio and Uvita. You will want to spend a couple of nights at the Gaia Hotel in Manuel Antonio, where you can experience the Gaia Nature Reserve. Travel south from Manuel Antonio and you will find Uvita, which is home to the Oxygen Jungle Villas . Finish your honeymoon in this beautiful resort that is reserved for couples only. This one of a kind hotel is the perfect place to end your ultimate Costa Rica honeymoon.

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