Traveling to Costa Rica for Affordable Dental Treatments

  • by vinaykumar
  • 27.09.11
  • 3:36 AM UTC

Dental treatments in Costa Rica have become highly sought-after chiefly because of the availability of low cost of dental care in this Latin American country. Since dental care in the US is beyond the financial means of many, those looking for cheaper alternatives often travel to Costa Rica because of its geographical propinquity.
The cost of dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants in Costa Rica is only a fraction of the cost in the US. Those who lack insurance coverage in the US are consequently traveling abroad for affordable dental treatments.

Why Opt for Dental Treatments in Costa Rica?

Dental clinics in Costa Rica are equipped with modern instrumentation that is also used at the best hospitals and clinics in the developed countries of the world. These dental clinics are manned by well trained staff. One can dismiss notions of facing language problems in Costa Rica as most of the doctors are English speaking.
The healthcare system in Costa Rica is constantly being improved, and patients are given prompt medical attention in Costa Rica, unlike the long waiting period in some countries.
The cost of lab work in Costa Rica is much lower than that in the US. So, those in need of dental implants or dental implant bridges save a lot of money by undergoing dental treatments in Costa Rica. Although it is significantly cheaper than the US, dental work in Costa Rica is not substandard. Dental surgeons use FDA approved materials that are often imported from the US. They also comply with strict hygiene practices to keep infections at bay.
With picturesque sights in Costa Rica galore, a dental trip to this country gives one the much needed respite from the hustle bustle of being part of a perpetual rat race. Costa Rica is opulent in bio-diversity and is famous for its stunning tropical beaches.

Growth of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is grabbing much attention when it comes to dental tourism. Many dental vacationers are traveling to this Latin American country for teeth implants, and other dental treatments that involve big payments. Low cost and high quality dental treatments are the principal twin factors responsible for the growth of dental tourism.
Costa Rica with its robust healthcare system beckons dental tourists from all over the globe looking for affordable treatment to get rid of the dental problems plaguing them. All it needs is being a little discreet in choosing the right dentists and clinics in Costa Rica and embarking on a journey that will not just fix their dental ailments but will also give a great chance to vacation.

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A Medical Tourism Hub – Stuart Ben

  • by crv.staff
  • 06.05.11
  • 12:05 AM UTC

PR Article – Costa Rica
Tourists from around the world travel to Costa Rica for a good time, as this is a beautiful country with countless options for tourists and they just have to choose the kind of vacation they prefer to experience. You can come relax on the beach in all-inclusive beach clubs, visit the world-famous surfing beaches (that attract surfers from all over the world) or witness all the nature Costa Rica has to offer (active volcanoes, unique national parks and adventurous towns). North Americans will usually choose to visit this country in the winter, when it is summer and sunny in Costa Rica.

But these aren’t the only reasons to visit this country. There is another reason tourists come to visit Costa Rica, and it isn’t necessarily a vacation. It is called “Medical Tourism” as many tourists are coming in to Costa Rica as part of this industry. In recent years more and more medical tourists have been entering the country for the main purpose of undergoing medical treatments in Costa Rican hospitals.

Medical Tourism Costa RicaIt may surprise some, but in recent years Costa Rica has become a popular medical tourism destination, as medical centers in the country have realized the potential of the medical tourism industry and are constantly investing funds in keeping the medical system modern and keeping up with the latest medical technology up to par with American hospitals. Some have even been awarded the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Medical Tourism
Let’s have a quick look at the general medical tourism industry before we go into the medical tourism industry in Costa Rica. What is medical tourism? This term describes a phenomenon of patients traveling across national borders, from their home country, in order to receive medical treatment of any kind. It may seem that this is a new industry that has developed recently, but this is not the case as it is documented that patients have been traveling to undergo different health treatments for centuries.

We owe the latest surge in the medical tourism industry to the internet, which is constantly shrinking our globe brining us closer together and to the improvements in the global travel means, making easier and shorter to mobilize from place to place.
These two factors have suddenly made medical tourism possible for people who need it. People who do not have proper medical insurance (or any at all) and could not afford surgery in their home country, patients who are placed on long waiting lists, forcing them wait for surgery for months and even years and also patient who would rather travel to another country where better and more advanced medical technology and research is available.

For all these reasons, combined with the fact that North America and Costa Rica aren’t so far away (just a few hours by plane) and the advance medicine being practiced in the country, there is no surprise Costa Rica has become a popular choice for Americans not only as a vacation destination, but also as a medical tourism hub.

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica
As the medical industry started to develop and blossom in recent years, so have medical centers in Costa Rica. They realized the need of global patients to travel to other countries for medical purposes and have worked to raise medical standards and practice medicine at the highest level. In addition, three major hospitals have received the JCI accreditation, assuring they are up to American medicine standards, in all aspects.

In addition to these private state-of-the-art medical facilities, the finest doctors in Latin America are working in the country and have been through western medical training. These doctors and medical staffs also speak English, assuring no barriers exist between them and the patients. Patients also have the option of being hospitalized in first class accommodations, as the medical centers offer private suites and for their medical visitors.

Finally, one must not forget that after the medical procedure, patients are free to enjoy a vacation in the country and can choose from a relaxing vacation at the beach or explore the country’s beautiful and exotic nature, or combine both.

Medical Tourism Services in Costa Rica
Medical tourists can visit Costa Rica for just about any medical procedure available. However, there are several medical treatments that health travelers more commonly reach Costa Rica for. The first popular treatment is dental surgery, as this is an important part of our external appearance and a fairly minimal medical procedure. Many patients come to Costa Rica for reconstructive dental treatments improving their looks and boosting their self-confidence.

A second popular treatment in Costa Rica, which is also designated to enhance your external look, is cosmetic surgery. Regularly, the recovery for these kinds of procedures is not as tough as others and patients will choose to undergo just about any type of plastic surgery, starting from breast augmentation and enlargements to complete facelifts and tummy tucks.

In addition to these, open heart surgery and orthopedic joint replacement surgery are also popular in Costa Rica. As these are very necessary and very expensive surgeries in western countries, they are arguably the most popular treatments in the global medical tourism industry.

In addition to all treatments mentioned, medical tourists can undergo surgery in any other medical field they choose, including gastroenterology, ophthalmology, organ transplants, urology, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, rheumatology, endocrinology, pediatrics, dermatology, dentistry, gynecology, psychiatry, General Medicine & General Surgery.

There are many private hospitals in Costa Rica, serving medical tourists from around the world in the highest medical standard possible. “La Clínica Católica Hospital”, that has a first class hotel inside its facilities, is just one of many advanced medical centers that provide western standard medicine.

If you are looking into receiving medical treatment abroad, be sure to check Costa Ricanian hospitals in your medical tourism research. Good luck.

This Article has been written by Stuart Ben, A professional medical tourism facilitator. You can read more about medical tourism in Costa Rica here: Hospitals in Costa Rica : TicketMed

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Costa Rica Retirement: The Best Things in Life Are Free

  • by crv.staff
  • 04.04.11
  • 10:02 PM UTC

Source : The Costa Rica news

Kat Sunlove,

Those of us of retirement age can certainly remember these old song lyrics:

The moon belongs to ev’ryone
The best things in life are free
The stars belong to ev’ryone
They gleam there for you and me

The flowers in spring
The robins that sing
The sunbeams that shine
They’re yours, they’re mine

And love can come to ev’ryone
The best things in life are free

Orchid Costa RicaThose sentiments could well apply to life here in Costa Rica. The tropical moon generously fills a star-spangled sky, a riot of flowers of red, orange, yellow, pink and orchid blanket the landscape and exotic animals from iguanas to monkeys to Turquoise-browed Motmot birds pay a visit at no charge to the viewer. Truly, much of the best parts of life here are free.

But even in retirement one must pay rent and utilities, buy food, deal with transportation needs and see a doctor now and then. So in answer to still another question from my reader Douglas, let’s take a look at Costa Rica’s cost of living.

Douglas lives in Austin, Texas, and he wondered if Costa Rica’s cost of living was “comparable to the U.S.” But of course, the cost of living in North America varies from one state to another, from small town to big city, even neighborhood to neighborhood. Equally important are variables unique to the individual of what income level one enjoys and what lifestyle choices a family makes. Do you feel you need two cars and a truck or is public transportation an option? Can you just not live without going to the theater twice a month or to a movie twice a week? Is that swimming pool a luxury or a necessity? Do you cook at home or eat out a lot? We make decisions every day that impact our financial resources, many of them a result of the bombardment of marketing messages in the media. Buy this, buy that, the ads command, and often consumers comply.

Generalizations about the cost of living in the U.S. or Costa Rica are difficult to make and harder to quantify. Living in a modest Tico-style house in a small rural pueblo is much cheaper than life in a modern Santa Ana condominium. Making use of buses and taxis rather than owning a car can save $5000 per year or more, according to our auto-owning friends. Stocking up on vegetables and fruits at the weekly feria (Costa Rican farmer’s market) not only yields fresh local produce but also is cost effective. It’s all in the choices you make.

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Colorful opening for Costa Rica’s National Stadium inauguration

  • by crv.staff
  • 29.03.11
  • 12:59 AM UTC

Source : Tico Times

The new National Stadium opened Saturday evening with a colorful display of binational pride and camaraderie between Costa Rica and China. Deemed “the jewel of La Sabana,” the 35,000 fans in attendance were treated to a night of rousing fireworks, cultural song and dance and a spirited 2-2 draw between the countries’ national soccer teams. The $100 million National Stadium was a gift from the government of China and was constructed by Chinese laborers during the last two years.

Costa Ricas National StadiumFestivities began around 6 p.m. with government representatives from the two countries addressing the crowd on a stage decorated with giant Costa Rican and Chinese flags waving gently behind them. Amid a mixture of jeers and applause, former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias spoke to the crowd about the significance of the inauguration and the progressive step that the relationship with China, the world’s second largest economy, means for the country. In 2007, Arias severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan to establish ties with China.

“Countries have to grow and mature,” Arias said of his government’s decision to create diplomatic relations with China. “And so, like a mother understands that her son can’t wear the same shoes that he was wearing 10 years ago, we should accept that there is clothing that we shouldn’t continue to wear. Sooner or later all countries have to wear long pants.”

Arias also said, in his allegorical oratory style that marked his four years in office from 2006-2010, that Costa Rica shouldn’t fear the change that this relationship will bring and that “some countries are slaves to their own past.” He also referred to the bilateral relationship as a “young Bonzai tree” and that it creates a “bridge over the Pacific Ocean.”

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