Organic Options Enrich Palate of Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast (2)

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  • 27.03.09
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costa-rica-views_organic-food-1If you are a regular reader of Costa Rica Views blog, you know we focus heavily on wellness. This is our second post on organic food in Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast. The information about organic food in Costa Rica along the Zona del Sur (South Pacific Coast) is shared with us by our friend Daveed Hollander at Coldwell Banker Vesta in Costa Rica.

See the first post on organic food in Costa Rica here.

In keeping with its “peace with nature” commitment to sustainable development, the Costa Rican government has long seen the advantage of the organic option, and has made a concerted effort to reach out to producers large and small, as well as to consumers from all walks of life, providing training in organic practices and promotion of organic products at home and abroad.

Costa Rica was quick to recognize the benefits of conforming to international standards for organic certification. This has paid off, as in Costa Rica being one of only seven non-European Union countries whose organic products are recognized as conforming to standards equivalent to those in the EU. Thus, rest assured, if it carries the official Costa Rican organic seal, it conforms to international organic certification standards.

The future for Costa Rican organic products could not be better. On the export front, much is written about how the United States is struggling to keep up with the skyrocketing demand for organic food, and the market continues to grow in Europe, particularly for tropical products such as Costa Rica’s number one agricultural export, bananas.

Domestically, both expats and Ticos are helping to fuel a vibrant and growing market for a wide range of organic products. This has helped make Costa Rica one of the top three Latin American countries (along with Argentina and Uruguay) with the highest proportion of organic land according to the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, a trend destined to extend throughout this lovely fertile land.

In the meantime, do your part by checking out Robert’s organic pineapples and exotic fruit at the Friday market in Dominical. And look for a range of organic food and natural personal care products by the longstanding Costa Rican company Bio-Land. Or if you can’t be bothered to fix it yourself, delight in the organic fare offered by one of the many area restaurants willing to oblige, such as Maracatú, Hacienda Barú, Cascadas Farallas Villas…many are the choices. Perhaps best of all, while you enjoy your meal you can remember that the charm of Costa Rica is its ongoing emphasis on and concern for the small producer, the architect of Costa Rica’s peaceful yet proud culture, the backbone of its democracy, and the key to its economic future.

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