Making Dominical on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast Home (Part 1)

  • by crv.staff
  • 01.04.09
  • 4:07 PM UTC

costa-rican-wellnessWhen native Californian Daveed Hollander strapped his surfboard to his car and drove south for points unknown, he never dreamed he was about to embark on a new life. On break from studies in environmental law, Daveed eventually pulled into Dominical on Costa Rica’s south Pacific coast, and never looked back. “Here was this friendly, laid-back eco-friendly community set in a place of spectacular natural beauty that reminded me of California’s Big Sur. I was hooked.”

That was ten years ago, when Daveed was barely into his twenties. Today Daveed is a husband, father, and an award-winning realtor dedicated to sustainable, environmentally responsible development. He has never regretted his decision to make Dominical his home.

“I’ve always been a very active, outdoorsy kind of person. I grew up surfing and I love hiking, scuba diving, any activity that brings me closer to nature,” says Daveed. With its mountains-to-the-sea combination of tropical forests and gorgeous, unspoiled beaches, Dominical fit the bill. What’s more, Dominical is a convenient gateway to the south Pacific region’s 15 national parks and reserves, from the popular white-sand beaches of Manuel Antonio to the chilly heights of Chirripo.

“When I first came to Dominical, it was way off the grid,’ notes Daveed, “a funky surfers’ paradise with a very interesting and comfortable mix of local and international residents.”costa-rican-wellness

These days Dominical has accumulated the kinds of modern conveniences, such as wireless Internet service and satellite television, that allow residents to control their access to the world beyond.

In the next post, we’ll talk more about the way Dominical has evolved since Daveed arrived.

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2 Responses to “Making Dominical on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast Home (Part 1)”

  1. Vote -1 Vote +1travis

    i will be moving to costa rica in a couple of years and i’am looking at what areas would be reguards to teaching english and local comunity..cuz will could be doing chiropractic work.natural health as well

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Bret G. Dudl

    @lifeheart32 We suggest you look at the south Pacific Coast region, the Osa Peninsula. Things are really happening here, as we’re reporting here at Costa Rica Views. Thanks for visiting our blog.


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