Low-cost Dental Vacations in Costa Rica


According to the National Coalition on Health Care, an alliance of more than 70 organizations, about half a million Americans sought medical care abroad in 2006, out of which 40 percent were dental tourists. This proves how more and more Americans are now turning their annual vacation into a cost effective dental holiday for their brood.

According to a report published in 2006 by HealthCare Tourism International, a nonprofit group, dental bridges and bonding are two of the most sought-after medical procedures for Americans traveling abroad. Costa Rica, Mexico and India are among the most popular destinations for dental care among tourists who travel to these countries to savor the exotic locales of these countries along with availing affordable dental care in the hands of expert dentists who have received their training at the best medical institutions in the world. Thousands of western tourists travel to Costa Rica for Dental Implants every year, considering that they save enough from the dental treatment in Costa Rica to enjoy a wonderful holiday in this exotic country.


Benefits of Getting a Dental Holiday in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most sought after destinations in the world for a dental holiday. With medical travelers enjoying almost 70-75% in savings on dental treatments in Costa Rica, the country plays a welcoming host to innumerable dental tourists from all over the world every year. The fact that a huge percentage of Americans do not have a dental insurance and, therefore, cannot afford the costly dental treatment in the US, prompts them to explore nations such as Costa Rica for affordable dentistry. Also, getting dental treatment in Costa Rica means that one does not have to get into long waiting queues to get an appointment with the dentist. Most dental tourists receive prompt dental treatment when they arrive in Costa Rica.

Most dental tourists travel to Costa Rica for extensive dental work, such as dental bonding, dental implants, full restorations, root canals and cosmetic dentistry. These dental procedures are very costly in countries such as Canada and the US, and cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica costs merely a fraction of what it costs in the US, even if one includes travel and accommodation expenses. These extensive dental treatments usually run for a few days which give the dental tourists a chance to enjoy this exciting, exotic country. The beautiful beaches, lush forests and an abundant biodiversity are the added attractions that make Costa Rica a favored dental tourism destination.

Low in Prices, High in Quality

Costa Rica provides high quality dental care which means that there are no compromises made in terms of the dental care provided, even if the expenses for the dental care are much lower than the costs of similar dental treatment in the US. This is also why the World Health Organization ranks the healthcare services in Costa Rica as among the best in the world. Costa Rica’s health system was ranked at no.36 (higher than US) by the World Health Organization in the year 2000. Dentistry in Costa Rica is tightly regulated by the government and the dental practitioners must be duly recognized by the Costa Rican Dental Surgeon’s College and the Costa Rican Dental Board.

The presence of internationally accredited hospitals in San Jose, Liberia and other major cities of Costa Rica make it convenient for the dental tourists to avail world class health services at very affordable rates. Many dental surgeons have affiliations with international medical boards and have received their training at world class medical institutions. The dental clinics in Costa Rica use sophisticated medical equipment and employ the latest technology for the dental treatment.

The small, peaceful and politically stable nation is a perfect gateway for dental tourists who seek a comfortable and cost effective dental holiday in this exotic nation.

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