How To Save ‘Mucho Dinero’ When You Make International Calls To and From Costa Rica.

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I just found a great way to save on calls to and from Costa Rica and I wanted to share the wealth! Originally published at, Scott Oliver clues us in on the ‘Tico-Talk And Save’ phone account that slashes your international calls to just 20 cents per minute. There’s no computer necessary and your 800# can ring on any phone you want even while you sunbathe on the beach!

Here’s the article:

“We still remember the business trip we took to Florida when we rented a car complete with a cellular telephone.

We still remember the shock we had when we realized that the bill for the cellular telephone rental was higher than the amount owed for the rental car and it seemed like we hardly used the darned thing…

This happens in many places and we want to make sure that you do not experience this kind of ‘sticker shock’ when you return from your trip Costa Rica.


Avoid The Risk of Sometimes Outrageous Costa Rica Telephone Prices:

* Cellphone rental companies will give you only ten minutes a day of call time included with your cellphone rental and after that ten minutes, they will charge you from $0.50 cents up to $3 per minute for additional minutes.

* There is only one telecommunications company in Costa Rica and using a regular land line to call someone in the USA/Canada will normally cost you about .42 cents per minute.

No computer is necessary and your 800# can be programmed to ring on any land line telephone or cellphone you want! Now you can keep in touch even while sunbathing on the beach…

Here’s how you can slash those costs in half with the ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ calling card account when you make phone calls from Costa Rica to any of the following seven countries:

1. USA
2. Canada
3. Germany
4. France
5. Italy
6. Spain and the
7. UK

Slash Your Bills in Half Using the ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ Calling Card:

Go ahead and rent a cellular telephone in Costa Rica if you need to keep in touch, some of them have great camera and video features that come in handy, they are always good to have ‘just in case’ and you don’t need to worry about being overcharged because we will show you how to save serious money!

Because with the ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ calling card account you can enjoy affordable international calling rates of only 20 cents per minute from any cellphone anywhere in Costa Rica.

There are no complicated contracts or calling plans that limit you to calling at special hours… In fact, it’s so simple you can describe our plan in just eighteen words because with the ‘Tico-Talk and Save’:

“Call any of the countries above at any time without a computer for only 20 cents per minute.”

We Know People Saving US$50 Per Day Using ‘Tico-Talk and Save’.

And it’s the same low rate for both land line calls and cellphones so even if the entire family only chats away for 40 minutes during the day, compared to the lowest cellphone rental rates, you save $12 per day.

Compared to some of the highest cellphone rates you could be saving more than $100 per day – no kidding! Over an entire vacation, your savings will pay for your cellphone rental.


Costa Rica Telephone Calling Card Account – We know people saving US$50 per day using ‘Tico-Talk and Save’

Choose between the standard ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ calling card account or the Professional account which includes your own 800# or 866# number which is great for business:

With full call reporting and a great low rate of only 20 cents per minute, this service is also an excellent tool for people living and doing business in Costa Rica and there’s no expiration date so you can use it on numerous trips…

As a professional consultant who spends at least one hour per day on the telephone over the past nine years, this service has easily saved me over US$15,000 – I can think of a lot of useful ways to invest that money…

So when a new customer in the USA/Canada can call you on your own 800 or 866 number making it free and easy for them to contact you, at only 20 cents per minute instead of you calling them using the local phone company at 40 cents per minute, the ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ calling card account slashes your telephone expenses in half leaving more money in your pocket to expand your business.

How To Start Saving Money On Your Costa Rica Telephone Calls.

To order your ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ calling card account and start saving money with your telephone calls and your choice is simple – A or B:

* A. The most economical ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ account gives you over six hours of call time (395 minutes) to any of the seven countries listed above for only $79 To order this please click here.

* B. The ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ Professional account gives you over twelve hours of call time (745 minutes) plus your own 800 or 866 number which costs only 20 cents per minute for US$149 – You can easily program your 800 or 866# online to ring on your cellphone in Costa Rica or, any other telephone anywhere in the world. To order this please click here.

Please note that this is not a physical product and as soon as we have confirmed your order, normally within a few hours we will email your ‘Tico-Talk and Save’ account details to you with your own unique code. Then all you have to do is to write down the details or, print it out and keep it in a secure place ready to use …

You can rely on the Tico-Talk and Save available exclusively from and you can count on me – Scott Oliver – to make things right if you have any problems at all… I haven’t had any problems using this service – ever but stuff happens!

** Please note that should you bring your own cellular telephone from the USA to Costa Rica, your cellphone service provider in the USA will still charge you an outrageous amount for your calls even though you are using our calling card so we would suggest that you do not use your US cellular telephone in Costa Rica.”

If you have any great tips for money saving ways to make calls to and from Costa Rica, please share them with us!

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