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  • by crv.staff
  • 23.01.09
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Welcome to Costa Rica Views Blog. My name is Bret G. Dudl and I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’m leading a team of professionals whom are passionate about health, wellness, and the active coastal lifestyle in Costa Rica and its possibilities for a vacation home.

This blog is one method we’re using to share information about what we’ve learned and are still discovering. As we build our highly eco-friendly wellness community development from the ground up in the midst of a rainforest, we’re digging deep. We’re learning about the confluence of benefits around a wellness vacation home ownership in Costa Rica, the real estate investment advantages, the tax advantages and the overall health and wellness aspects a country like Costa Rica offers.

We’ll be talking about what’s happening with key trends that make a difference to boomers and to 30-somethings as well. We’ll keep you up to date on advances in medical tourism, wellness, real estate investment in IRA and Roth Solo (k) plans and environmentally responsible development. These are all topics that we’re investigating as we progress along the road of developing our resort community.

This blog is for also international travelers that share our passion for wellness and an active Costa Rica coastal lifestyle. It’s for adventure travelers that love the idea of finding a resort home with endless ocean views and value wellness as a means to (affordably) look better, feel better and live longer.

Stop by often as we share the exciting (and rapid) development of Costa Rica as a highly viable alternative for a luxury and healthy vacation home lifestyle. Let us know your thoughts and your feedback about all things Costa Rica, real estate and wellness.

As they say in Costa Rica,

Pura Vida

Bret G. Dudl

Rating 2.00 out of 5

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