Healthbase promotes Costa Rica Medical Tourism

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  • 24.09.09
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Healthbase Medical Tourism

Healthbase Medical Tourism

Saroja Mohanasundaram, CEO of Health Base, the Boston Mass. medical tourism company, made a fascinating presentation today at the Costa Rica Services Summit titled “World Overview of Medical Tourism Activity.” 99% of their clients come from the U.S. Health Base only refers patients to hospitals with the highest quality and has medical staff who personally inspects the facilities before referring patients.
Ms. Mohanasundaram began her presentation with “Why travel abroad for health care?” There are many answers; however, cost is foremost before Technology, waiting list, and convenience.” She went on to show examples of eight people from all over the world who traveled to other countries for successful medical procedures.
Different countries have different areas of expertise. Costa Rica specializes in Plastics, bariatric, diabetes, Ortho, Spinal, and now, wellness, preventative and integrative medicine. There are two Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals in Costa Rica, CIMA, and Clinica Biblica. JCI is the international rigorous standard that 100% of U.S. hospitals adhere to.
These hospitals in Costa Rica are held to the same standard and they have an extremely high quality of care at a very affordable cost. In fact a cardiac bypass procedure that normally costs $80,000 in the US will cost about $14,000 in Costa Rica.
Furthermore she spent quite some time talking about how easy the access is. In the US we are typically used to taking sometimes months to get an appointment with our doctor or scheduled procedure. In Costa Rica she mentioned that this access is typically immediate.
The best part, said the CEO, is the full services with a single contact. Having personally toured both of these hospitals with the medical director of La Joya Perfecta, I can verify first-hand that she is correct. The hospital rooms looked more like a first-class hotel than a care facility.
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