Costa Rica’s La Joya Perfecta Wellness Tip: Exercise Goals


This week the American College of Sports Medicine issued its evidence based recommendations on exercise and weight control*. That’s good, because most feel evidence is the best guide on what will work. Conclusions?
150 minutes of moderate exercise, like ½ hr/day 5 days/week of brisk walking, will prevent significant weight gain, but about double that is needed to help weight loss. Wow, that’s a lot, but it can be a goal. What if you are starting from near no exercise? Do not despair, other evidence is increasing your activity even a very little , like going from 5 min to 10 min/day, will be the MOST benefit to your health, even if it will not make you lose weight.

We at La Joya perfecta want to help you get started, at whatever you find fun and available, and now we can help you set long term goals to help with your weight.

Dr Jim Dudl

Source: Medical Science Sports Exercise. 2009;41:459-471

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