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100_0477Author: Fabio Solano

Just imagine playing golf with Costa Rica’s perfect weather and diverse wildlife, making it your best game in this decade. Golf in Costa Rica supports the country’s passion for conservation and has programs to protect macaws, and other local flora and fauna.

Located at the tip of the Guanacaste peninsula is Los Delfines. They are a beautiful golf course which has created a conservation program that in the last year has released over 60 macaws into the Tambor area. Playing Los Delfines in the afternoon is a treat because you get to see the macaws fly over while you are preparing for your shot.lapa

Conchal (in the Brasilito area) also offers beautiful sites and takes great pride in protecting local flamingos and at Valle del Sol in the San Jose area. Tee off at the eighth tee and see the beautiful quetzals next to the lake.

The local golf association has a program with international organizations to aid new golf course development in minimizing its impact on the local habitat. They also aid courses in new technology using new grass variations that do not need as much fertilizer and can use sea water for irrigation. Sea water has a double benefit in that it not only decreases use of local aquifers, but also acts as a low tech pest control.

SJOLSGolfers-rainforest (Small)I have been playing golf here for the past 30+ years and amazed how the ecological awareness has matured. In the beginning, golf courses didn’t really think twice before cutting down trees – now they act proactively to better the surrounding areas.

I invite you to Golf Costa Rica – playing among monkeys, flamingos, macaws, gators, and beautiful butterflies, not to mention a great course.

For more information about Golf in Costa Rica, visit Untitled and These sites have comprehensive have maps, realistic and beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions of the courses.

~ Fabio Solano

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