Costa Rica Medical Tourism: Dr. Jim Dudl Interview (Part 3)

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  • 17.02.09
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On the topics of Medical Tourism, Costa Rica hospitals and wellness, this post is part 3 of our interview with Dr. Jim Dudl. You can read part one here and part two here.

In this post we talk with Dr. Dudl about factors he suggests a US patient should consider when deciding about medical tourism and wellness factors overall between the US and Costa Rica.

Q: If you were counseling a patient, who would consider and may have some reservations about traveling to Costa Rica for any medical procedure that you may have just mentioned. What would some of your counsel be? What kind of counsel would you give to that patient?

A: It is very important for you to be sure that the person doing the procedure on you and the place they are working from, are in these accredited systems that we mentioned. Obviously, there will be other quality there, just as there is in the US. And it would be very important that you do not just choose without criteria, without understanding these important aspects that I covered, and of course, that’s the kind of help that we might be able to provide you, if you are interested in those procedures.

Q: Now as the Chief Medical Officer for La Joya Perfecta, how do you see your expertise helping La Joya Perfecta?

A: Well, I am glad you asked that, because everything we have just talked about is really a very small piece, maybe a 5% piece of what I think should be important to a person, and what usually is important, and the rest is really wellness. It’s staying well, it’s getting well, it’s learning how to live a different lifestyle which is quite different from we have been experiencing in the US so that we do not become obese. Or for over weight, we slowly lose it without being deprived. And, that we switch our food to things that are healthier for us, that will drop our cholesterol and our blood pressure, but that we enjoy it, that we enjoy it as much as we enjoy our food today. Exercise is a vital part of wellness, it is equal in benefit in every way, it decreases heart attack and strokes, but on top of that it makes you feel better. Makes you enjoy your life when you learn how to burn energy in a fun way. So my role is to listen to the patient and hear where they are starting from. Examine the facts, the blood pressure, the lipids, etc. see what needs to be changed and then provide options to that person, for them to decide how they might be able to change slowly, willingly, in a way that is pleasurable to them, but will lead to a longer term enjoyment of their life and a full and healthy future.

Q: Well, and the enjoyment and the quality of life is really what La Joya Perfecta is all about. And extending that to the fullest length possible, tell me about what’s going on in the US right now, with so many people being overweight. Give me a few statistics and tell me what the current state of the union is.

A: Well, this has been perhaps the most unfortunate explosion of obesity and diabetes, because of obesity, sometimes called Diabesity. Over the last 20 years, the whole US, the whole population has been getting progressively more obese, so that we have gone form a 10% obesity in some states to a 30-40% obesity in those states, a 3-4 fold increase in obesity.

Q: Is the whole US or 40% of the population over-weight?

A: It is actually reported by states. So there are states that are markedly worse than others and some of the Southern states have the 40% rates. Some other states like California, maybe 25-30%. However these have still all doubled compared to where they were 20 years ago.

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