Costa Rica Medical Tourism: Dr. Dudl Interview (Part 5)

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This is Part 5 of our series of Costa Rica Medical Tourism and wellness interviews with Dr Dudl, the Chief Medical Officer for La Joya Perfecta.

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Q. When it comes to the differences in the approach to diet and wellness between the US and Costa Rica, how does that impact people? And that’s a very important distinction. It’s so commonsensical that it’s overlooked in so much of our society, I believe. How is La Joya Perfecta combating that? What kind of a need is La Joya Perfecta serving?

A: Well, just before we get onto that, is the second part of what it is about the lifestyle in Costa Rica that is so healthy and that is exercise. The people who live down there were farmers and they walk. They walk a lot everyday, they work hard. And that combination of exercise and healthy diet has kept them slim, kept their cholesterol down and kept their blood pressure down. And the proof is in the pudding. More people live into their 100’s than most places in the world.

Q: And some organizations rank Costa Rica above the US, ahead of the US, in terms of health care population. Just touch on that for a moment.

A: Yes that is true. By some organizational estimates, it’s about 33rd versus 37th, US being 37th and this is out of all the 500 countries in the world. So it’s a very high level of health care. Well first of all they have less disease because of the things we have just talked about. They have a healthier lifestyle, but they also focus on helping people make sure they get the basics of care and of course, that’s one of things we will be emphasizing at La Joya Perfecta.

Good foundations of exercise, of medical examinations and then just really the basic things. If indeed, after all your lifestyle your sugar is high in your bloodstream, and you have diabetes or your blood pressure is high, they make sure that you just get the basic medical treatments, medicines that will bring it down. And of course, the proof now is, that can of course decrease death 50-70%.

Q: So in the US today, in some states 40% of the population is obese. Just define that for me please.

A: Well, obesity, is a certain level of weight defined versus height called the BMI (Body Mass Index) and it’s over 30 for obese and over 27 for overweight and normal is about 20-22.

Q: So in the US, 70 million baby boomers have just started turning age 65 in 2009. Where do you see the obesity going in the US?

A: Well unfortunately, the trend has been absolutely continuing to go up. So unless we intervene now and change what we are doing now, there is no indication that it wouldn’t continue to go up.

Q: And what are you trying to accomplish with La Joya Perfecta?

A: Well, what we want to do is first make people aware of how dangerous this is, to continue to live the way they are living, that their lives would be shortened, that their quality of life will not be as good

Q: How dangerous is it?

A: The average person without treatments in the US would be living to about 74-75. In other parts of the world, it’s 10 years older.

Q: So in Costa Rica, if you said 10 years, so if the life expectancy with people who become obese, or are obese is 74, is it 84 in Costa Rica?

A: I don’t have good Costa Rica data. But in other countries that we know about, there is a good 10-year difference based upon people who are not obese and are living this good lifestyle that is being done in Costa Rica.

In the next section, we’ll continue talking with Dr. Dudl about his views on wellness. Please leave any comments you’d like in our comments section below.

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