Building an Eco-Development in Costa Rica (2)


This is part 2 of our post about our team’s eco-development efforts so far to build a wellness resort community in Costa Rica’s Zona Sur region. See the first post here.

La Joya costa-rica-wellness_resort-communityPerfecta Development’s mission is to include the latest technologies available in the market place and accepted by the Costa Rican Authorities as prudent investments in such a bio-diverse region. We will combine the elements of earth, water, air, light, energy and bio-diversity to develop our Eco-Resort. Our focus will be on renewable energy with solar and wind, daylight & natural ventilation, minimizing the use of air conditioners, water treatment facilities, land conservation 70-30 rule and keeping excavation disturbance to a minimum. La Joya Perfecta will, when possible, integrate low emitting (non-VOC volatile organic compounds) in the selection of construction materials utilizing local and regional products.

La Joya Perfecta today is awaiting the environmental approval from the governing authority in Costa Rica “SETENA”. LJP is expecting to receive the environmental approval in mid calendar year 2009. The initial environmental submittal encompassed 6-months of detailed preparation.

DEPATT, a locally owned and operated environmental and planning firm was hired to coordinate environmental submittals. La Joya Perfecta has submitted the initial D1 application to include but not limited to; Archeological, Geological soil studies, hydrological-storm water pollution control, and biological documents. La Joya Perfecta has submitted the EMP Plan (Environmental Mitigation Plan) to include but not limited to; sociological, forest management, biological, environmental impacts evaluation. Once we receive approval from “SETENA”, we will begin our detailed analysis of the proposed systems for our Eco-Resort.

Key project highlights:

1. Our Architectonic submittal to “SETENA” indicates we are developing only 30% of property and leaving 70% in its natural state or open space.

2. La Joya Perfecta (LJP) will have smaller than normal roads to minimize automobiles. LJP plans to transport owners, goods and services via partially open air electric vehicles throughout the property.

3. LJP plans to use wastewater treatment facilities to treat the waste to minimize the use of septic/tile fields. The treatment facilities will reuse the water for irrigation and for use in architectural ponds and fountains.

4. Renewable Energy components of solar and wind power to offset the use of electricity wherever possible.

We at La Joya Perfecta feel strongly about our eco-resort development and minimizing impacts to the existing natural beauty of the OSA Peninsula region. Check back often as we document the progress of our eco-resort wellness community.

James Callaghan

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  1. I love the explosion of eco-friendly hotels in the tropical regions! The resorts are becoming to eco-savvy and comfortable.

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