A New Costa Rica Resident’s Path to Biculturalism

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  • 13.04.09
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Here is another snapshot from our friend Daveed Hollander, a U.S. citizen, about how he came to call Costa Rica, on the Osa Peninsula, home.

Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

Costa Rica’s Dominical is, according to Daveed, a wonderful place to make a home and raise a family. Earlier posts by Daveed Hollander are here and here.

Here is more of Daveed Hollander’s story. Enjoy!

So often in life we don’t set off with a clear sense of our own future, or we find that what we think and what we feel are at odds when it comes to creating a life that fits. Sometimes the most satisfying outcomes result from having the courage to pursue our most compelling desires, step by step, against all better advice.

When Daveed Hollander set off on a trek to Chile a decade ago after graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz, his parents weren’t too concerned. After all, he was a Chilean American who had grown up in the United States, and who now longed to connect with his Latin roots. Besides, he had worked hard at his education, and deserved a break before attending law school.

When soon thereafter Daveed announced that he was scratching the law career and would instead be moving to the small Costa Rican beach town of Dominical to surf and sell real estate, his parents’ hand wringing began in earnest. “Yeah, they weren’t too happy at first,” remembers Daveed, ”but after a few years of working hard and building my company, my friends and family became excited by the fact that I was working and living in another country. To them it was so adventurous.”

Indeed for Daveed, the adventure had just begun in that his youthful exploration would lead him down the path to a permanently multicultural lifestyle full of the kind of rich new encounters, challenges, and problem-solving that put one on the interpersonal front lines of the ever-expanding global paradigm. Having established a successful and widely respected real estate company, Daveed embarked on a new endeavor: romancing a Tica ( a local Costa Rica resident).

“I met my wife, Vanessa, at a dinner party at the home of mutual friends in Dominical,” Daveed explains. “She spoke more Spanish than English, and I more English than Spanish, but that did not keep us from costa-rican-wellness-daveed-hollander-famcommunicating…we just kept trying. I feel it actually strengthened our relationship.” Daveed was already friends with Vanessa’s sister, which helped when he decided to ask Vanessa out.

We’ll post part 2 of this story tomorrow. Be sure to stop by. Also feel free to share your own story about visiting Costa Rica in the comments section below.

Pura Vida!

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